Structure And Choice Of Material

Structure And Choice Of Material

The load-bearing frame determines the shape of the glass structure and has to guarantee and maintain the stability of the structure as a whole. Every material has its specific pros and cons. We will be happy to provide you with in-depth information, so that your conservatory pleasure lasts a lifetime. The preferred materials for this are timber, aluminum, plastics or steel.

The material employed should make a harmonious addition to the house, and be chosen according to the envisioned use of the conservatory.

Aluminum Steel Plastic Timber Timber-aluminum
Reaction to fire - - - + +
Workability ++ + + + +
Load carrying capacity + ++ - + +
Durability ++ + + + ++
Maintenance ++ - ++ - ++
Thermal insulation -- - + ++ ++
Reaction to humidity ++ o ++ o ++

-- bad
- moderate
o good after appropriate treatment
+ good
++ very good



In timber-aluminum systems, the load-bearing roof structure consists of glued wood, and is inside the conservatory. The glass panels are mounted on the outside with special clamps and seals. Weather-resistant aluminum cover caps clipped onto the outside seal the entire system.

This system is used for the perpendicular walls of the conservatory as well: They, too, are covered with aluminum profiles on the outside. This solution combines the advantages of weather resistance and easy maintenance on the outside with the natural coziness and thermal insulation of wood on the inside. We build it in exactly you personally wish: Our possibilities range from standard colors to modern trend colors and Decoral colors.

Coordination of the various components and well-designed technical detail solutions are important aspects in timber-aluminum systems. The profiles we employ guarantee rear-ventilation of the aluminum components-effectively and permanently.

Our well-known partner company, Gutmann guarantees fulfillment of these requirements thanks to its decades-long experience and continuous development.

Timber-aluminum systems require extremely little maintenance-no more than cleaning the aluminum every now and then. Given the long useful life and minimal maintenance requirements, the higher purchase costs pay off in just a few years.

A convincing combination that will last a lifetime and saves costs.


A natural building material, proven over millennia: Timber has the best thermal insulation properties, is nice and warm to the touch, can be painted in any color, and its sound insulation properties are unsurpassed. Outdoor surfaces of wooden structures require a protective coating whose pigmentation is sufficient to effectively shield the timber against UV radiation. Combined with constructive timber protection, this coating also makes the timber absolutely weatherproof; humidity can no longer harm it. The coating needs to be refreshed or renewed on a regular basis.

If the timber is combined with aluminum cover caps, there is no need for the repeated protective coating.


Steel is seldom used for residential conservatories. It has no insulating properties, and there is a danger of condensation water accumulating on cold surfaces.

Building a steel conservatory is very complex and costly undertaking.

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Aluminum basically shares these properties; however, this material can be used in case of a thermal separation. In these cases, two hollow aluminum frames are connected via a plastic bridge reinforced with carbon fiber; this strongly reduces heat loss. As for colors, the baked-enamel finish generally applied today allows anything that pleases the eye.

Aluminium wird meistens für Wintergärten eingesetzt, da es aufgrund des Preis-Leistungsverhältnisses sehr interessant ist. Industriell gefertige Profile werden auf Maß für Ihren Wintergarten vorgefertigt und bei Ihnen dann montiert.

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