Fabric Sunblinds

Fabric Sunblinds

As soon as solar radiation intensifies, temperatures can get very high under the glass roof of a conservatory. This phenomenon is known to all who have ever locked their car and left it standing in the sun.

Here we offer you the optimal sun shield solution for conservatories and glass roofs: our conservatory sunblind. Specifically engineered for fitting on top of a glass roof, it absorbs a great part of the radiation above the roof, resulting in an excellent reduction of the thermal burden.

The stable aluminum sunblind box offers reliable protection against wetness and dirt for the sunblind fabric and for the motor inside the roller tube. A patented tensioning system allows to pull out the sunblind if required, and keeps the cloth in the proper tension by a spring mechanism in the roller tube.


The stable construction of the sunblind allows a width of up to 6 meters/~6.5 yards in one piece. For greater widths, several sunblind elements can be linked up without any problem. All metal components are made of aluminum or stainless steel, and can come in any color you like.


There is a choice of more than 100 fashionable and high-quality designs to choose from for your sunblind cloth. Whichever one is your favorite-they are all weather resistant and colorfast. A special impregnation provides additional protection.

The conservatories and roofings we plan, including sunshields, come with a comprehensive warranty on the entire structure, with one contact partner only.

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