Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

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For pleasant light and climate conditions in your conservatory: Venetian blinds on the outside offer good protection against overheating in the summer, plus they allow you to customize and optimize the lighting of the space, so that you and your exotic plants get the maximum of well-being.

Venetian blinds can be operated manually or mechanically, and you can choose between two technologies: rope pull or runner control, which is recommended especially for windier climates because of its greater stability. We will be happy to assess on-site at your house which system is right for your conservatory. Interior venetian blinds are lighter and more delicate, because they need not resist any direct weather impact. However, the solar radiation penetrates the glass and reaches the inside before it is shaded off:

Thus you will get much more heat in your conservatory than with exterior venetian blinds that keep the heat off before it reaches the glass front. Therefore, there has to be enough distance between interior blinds and the glass surface to allow the trapped heat behind the blinds to escape.

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